PGCBGC Badge Requirements

Posted by Oxon Hill Boys & Girls Club on Feb 13 2017 at 04:00PM PST

The Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Club (PGCBGC) has a policy for all coaches, assistant coaches and team volunteers. It is mandatory that they all have an official PGCBGC ID Badge in order to coach and be on the field or gym floor with the team. It is imperative that they come into the PGCBGC office and get their ID Badges before the season in which they are coaching begins.


To clearly identify coaches that are eligible to coach during PGCBGC sanctioned sports games. Eligibility is determined by having successfully completed the American Association Education Program (ASEP) training class, ASEP test, and a background investigation. The intent of this rule is for the continued safety of the PGCBGC youth and adult participants.


Each coach intending to coach in an official PGCBGC sports game MUST successfully complete the ASEP training class and test and successfully pass the PGCBGC background check. The coach must display the PGCBGC coaches ID badge at ALL times while their team is on the field or court. ASEP training and the PGCBGC background check are valid for two (2) years. To retain a valid PGCBGC coaches ID badge, the coach must have a recent PGCBGC background check (within 2 years) and have taken the ASEP training within 2 years. Prior to the game, the coaches must present their PGCBGC coaches ID badge to the home team’s scorekeeper or field supervisor. The scorekeeper/field supervisor will check the PGCBGC coaches ID badge to ensure the badge is still valid and note the coach’s name in the scorebook. . All coaches on the bench must submit their PGCBGC coaches ID badges to the scorekeeper/field supervisor prior to the start of the game.


  • If a coach does not display AND/OR have in their possession their PGCBGC coaches ID badge, they will not be allowed to coach that game. If the coach refuses to leave the bench/field, their team will be assessed an automatic forfeit.
  • If the team does not have a head-coach or assistant coach with a valid PGCBGC coaches ID badge, that team will be assessed an automatic forfeit.
  • If a coach is deemed ineligible to coach, the coach's name will be placed on the “PGCBGC Coaches ID Badge Revocation List” and he/she will not be able to receive a new badge until his/her coaching status is reviewed. This revocation list will be maintained by the PGCBGC office and distributed to the club officials as required. If a coach's name is on the list, he/she will not be able to coach until the situation is resolved.
  • If the ID badge is lost, a new card can be obtained from the PGCBGC office upon receipt of a completed ID card with picture for a $10.00 fee.


  • The responsibility of obtaining and maintaining completed (sanctioned, laminated with picture) ID badges is the responsibility of the member club.
  • All ID badges must be filled in completely and signed by the coach with a picture attached. (The PGCBGC will take the picture for a $5.00 fee.) The picture should be front face of head and shoulders approximately “1-1/2 to 2”. This picture is to be attached to the ID badge with the coach’s name and club printed on the reverse side of the picture. 
  • When the ID badge is completed it should be submitted to the PGCBGC office to be sanctioned and laminated.


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